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Meet Mrs. Petesch

This my 3rd year as the Physical Education teacher here at Valley View.    My favorite summer adventure was biking the Trail of the Hiawatha with my 3 kids.  I can't wait to use our new gym this floor, lines, and bleachers.  It will be a fun, exciting new school year!!

Mrs. Petesch

Mrs. Petesch

Extra Family Fitness Challenge Ideas...

1.  Practice your badminton pop-ups.

2.  Go to the roller skating rink in Coeur d' Alene.

3.  Practice speed cup stacking.  $20 on this link.

4. Go skiing or's beautiful spring skiing weather!


Physical Education

Today: 3/21/18

Paula Petesch

Jump Rope for Heart photos

K-2.PE.3.1.2 Content Standard says, “Participate daily in moderate to vigorous physical activity during and outside of PE class as recommended by NASPE, CDC, and USDHHS of at least 60 minutes or more per day

Even with our students receiving PE for 40 minutes twice a week, we are falling short of this standard.  I'm asking that you will help make this a family goal and try doing some of the Family Fitness Challenge ideas listed in the calendar.  Each week new ideas will also be added onto this website and there will be a calendar for each month of the year.  

Winners will be drawn from the photos and notes brought into school each month.  Take a picture of your family being active or bring in a receipt, map, note or brochure from the challenges.  Email entries can be sent to  Or just hand-delivered deliver them.  

Good luck and be active out there!

Family Fitness Challenge Photos

March Calendar

March Calendar

Please know when your child has PE

Please know when your child has PE

February's Winner!

February's Winner!


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New music for PE

Help find new music to play during class!!

Click on the link entitled "New music for PE" in the PE Resources list. 

You will be able to request new songs for our iPod.

Thank you!

PE Resources

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PE Shoes

Remember to have comfortable, non-skid PE shoes for the school year.  

If you need...I have a few pairs of shoes that could be utilized until the shoes can be purchased.  No guarantee that they will be the correct size, however.